Singapore Merlion. Singapore, Asia's most spectacular destination.

Singapore is called as "Lion city" and merlion is the national personification of Singapore. Merlion has head of lion and body of fish. Like many tourists i also visited merlion Park. I did two visits infact. Once in a day and other at night. I Found such an amazing and spectacular night views of same park in the night with dancing pretty lights.

I personally liked Singapore a lot because it has so much to explore and enjoy like spacious outdoors and gardens to malls. It's called the world's only island city state and is famous for manmade development like Dubai. Once a humble fishing village now has turned into a metropolis within just few decades. I loved their calm and beautiful gardens as well the tapering skyscrapers and the city lights in night. Holidays in Singapore is one of the memorable experience.


A nice place for evening strolling. Like Dubai Marina, it has tall buildings, the waterfront and the boats, restaurants,  hotels, pubs, cafes, pizzas etc but unlike dubai marina that has residential towers, it's near main central business district.


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