Gardens by the bay. Perfect place for evening stroll with amazing supertrees.

Gardens by the bay Super trees Grove is a bunch of unique solar powered trees that can be found all around the garden. These super trees are as tall as skyscrapers and come alive at night with beautiful display of light and music and light up the sky in night. These giant man made super trees illuminate the whole area and make Singapore a "botanical capital" of the world.

 I must say it is the city of gardens. I have seen some very beautiful gardens here like botanical garden, Orchid garden. But Gardens by the bay is a beautiful collaboration of nature and human creativity. In fact it is the 21st century botanic garden. It's some thing mesmerizing like a holly wood fiction movie set.

Gardens by the bay consisted of two huge conservatories ( Flower Dome), ( Cloud Forest), Super tree grove, SBC sky way, Three out door gardens includes ( Bay central garden), (Bay east garden), (Bay south garden) with some excellent views of the bay, dragon fly and king fisher lakes. There was so much to explore and walk around but due to time constraints I couldn't cover all places. I wish I could go again and explore the each and every corner of Gardens by the bay.


  1. That is one of the coolest gardens I have ever seen. Wow! So stunning. I would love to take a stroll there for sure!


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