Souvenir stalls in front of Bari Imam Shrine

Tourists do visit  and get souvenir from here. Lot of small shops are made in front of the shrine where different type of souvenir are available. There are traditional sweets stall, which are considered to be highly sanctified and holy if you get some sweets from here.

Apart from sweets, there are different designes and patterens of bengles and small bowles with engraved Quranic Ayat. Some are engraved with Ayat-ul- Qursi and some with Char-qul, and also some engraved with Sura-e-Yaseen.Beautiful frames engraved with Quranic verses are available here. On silver bangles is written verses of Quran.


  1. Good closeup..nice pictures. You should have purchased one for me..just a wish.


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