A Visit to Bari Imam Shrine, Islamabad

The real name of late saint Bari Imam was Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi. This shrine is located on the Muree road, noor pur Shahan, a small town at the foot of Margalla Hills in Islamabad. This shrine was constructed by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Thousands of devotees of Bari Imam do visit this shrine. This becomes now one of the tourist destination in Islamabad.

URS of Bari Imam is observed during the first week of May. In the days of URS this shrine is heavily crowded. But in last few years URS is not being celebrated on such high level because of the security condition.

The environment and the festivities of the bari imam represents a typical rural Pothwar culture. Lot of devotees from Potowar areas and all over do visit here and they (both male female and even kids) stay here for many days. They pray here and do khatam of Quran Shareef. Most of the devotee come here to dua their beloved late saint, while the rest of devotee comes with certain demands which if fullfilled by God then they do Kherath in form of giving rice daig ( Daig is a typicall local term ) used for the big bowl for cooking rice. An alms house is there where poor people get rice (Chawal) of Kherath every time.

Some people believes that this is a non Islamic act to visit either alive or late pirs. But Pakistani Rural people are fond of such activities. And some times even Urban families with good backgrounds also visit such shrines. They go there so that Allaha bless them with good fortunes through these holy or canonized saints and they are paid with deep respect and highly venerable.Is all a matter of faith.  At most of shrines, bodily ailments may be cured or other advantages are obtained. Its all matter of personal satisfaction. Some people believes these saints to such great extent that they are being regularly visited and honored.
Songs and dancing of females are now highly condemned and forbidden in such shrines in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Before there use to be such type of activities in these shrines but now forbidden.
This sort of activities are being called Fanaticism (person obsessively devoted to a belief, activity etc).


  1. Some people are against visiting these shrines as they consider it a sin to seek help from a saint. But still most of the people in rural as well as urban areas do pay regular visits to shrines seeking spiritual healing and solution for their problems.
    I remember late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was a regular visitor of shrines.
    Even many Bollywood stars visit the shrine of Khawaja Mooenuddin Chushti in India to seek sucess for their upcomming movies.
    So what was your visit about? Just to get information or some thing else.

  2. Yes you are right farman, different people keeps different ideas about Fanaticism. Its all matter of personal believes and faith. I remember Baba Pir Dhanakha ( his shrine is few km from Manshera's rural side, on the top of the hill). Late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto used to visit him. When she was in govt. she has ordered a road construction, a single road leading to Dhanaka Baba on the top of the hill. I still remember that beautiful scenery during my visit to the place. It was some thing an unforgettable journey.I don't have soft copies of that visit pictures otherwise i would have share here with friends.

    I do visit just as a tourist to get some information or now how.

  3. miss kiran sorry to say for this....main bari imam house ka khadim hoon ...ap ainda kabhi bari imam house ki pics lay kar net per na upload kejiay ga...kyunki hmaray bari imam house kay jo buzurg hain woh bohot parda nasheen hai...itna bada rutba panay kay bawajood bhe aj tah unki tv main kabhi pics nahi aie..hum log aisa kaam kyun karain jis say buzurgo ko takleef ho..i hope u understend...plz forgive me if u heart....if u say anything,this is my mail adress....vicky.shahhhh.g@gmail.com...Allah bless u always

  4. Mr. Waqas i do respect your point of view. I have only given the pictures of surroundings of Bari Imam shrine and i didnt capture any picture inside the shrine.


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