Saidpur, the modern village of Pakistan, located near the foot hills of Margala Hills in Islamabad.

One of the modern and oldest village in Pakistan is located inside capital Islamabad, along the slope of Margalla Hills. It belongs from Mughal era and having footprints of different civilizations like Hinduism, Greek, Ashoka, Buddhism , Gandhara, Mughal as well from Colonial period.

I am sure many of our country fellows don't knows about this place. After the establishment of "Des Pardes" a resturant, many people start visiting the place to enjoy their food in quite traditional and quaint fashioned style. I found it very interesting. At the same time Capital Development Authority has developed saidpur village into a tourist attraction and it becomes quite nice place for tourists both for the national and international visitors. Its a sort of mixture, an old village with a quaint look.One may may get the village view along with the modern touch.
The village presents a Picturesque view of surroundings.
Main entrance to saidpur village

Resturant view

Hindu Temple
Some of the old buildings probably from colonial period

A village young girl along with her sheep
An old tree
View of Saidpur village

From the balcony of hotel, a view of saidpur village quite visible.

nice view of saidpur village. Blue color water tanks on the roof of almost every house
The hotspot, where one may view the margalla hills at back and village view at right side
View of village from hot spot

Stairs leading towards the hill, where a shrine is present for local people
Shop in the village , where i did some shopping too. very nice traditional stuff,
Afghani traditional frock in the saidpur village shop

Saidpur village is famous for pottery making. For pictures of the Hindu Temple, the museum and the pottery stuff, just click the link below:


  1. Kiran I love your blog, thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. I feel connected to Pakistan just by visiting your site xx

    1. Thanks Sy.
      I am glad to know this :)
      Loads of Love from Pakistan!

  2. dear Palwasha
    Keep up the good work. I enjoyed it
    Take care

  3. What a beautiful place to visit. I love all the places you showed in the photos. Thanks for sharing such a special place. Happy New Year to you and thank you for your recent visit and comment.

  4. Northern area of Pakistan is so beautiful i have visited it many times whenever i took flights to Islamabad from Heathrow i must visit the northern areas some time my visit consists of few days and some time i took stay for month.

  5. I love saidpur. Especially in Kaye evenings one thing I hate are the blue water tanks on every house in the village. Aesthetically displeasing. The sunsets here are splendid. Beautiful post

  6. Its a beautiful place to visit.. Indeed i wish to visit soon..
    I m from Neelum Azad Kashmir
    The Heaven on Earth
    But SaidPur definitely is awesome village of Mughal Era


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