Baby's Daily Agenda, The beautiful memories from Year 2012 of my dear nephew.

Kids are always great fun but to keep them busy in different activities is some times difficult for parents. However many kids know very well how to keep themselves busy and happy even without their parents help. Here are some of the beautiful memories about my dear nephew Hamza from year 2012

The only way to keep the little monster away from making mess is to make him sit in front of tv and watch cartoons.

Caught in the act, proven guilty :) The proof is here !!
Daily activities of the little monster !!
Kids love to play with birds and chicks.
Say Hello !! to the cat, shaking hand !
Just the two of us. The best friends forever.
Some times we need a friend's shoulder to cry on..
Some times we need a friend's neck to pressed on.....!
Bless these oranges, i want more...
I love to sleep with different angels..
Mission Impossible !! The mischief maker ..
Animals are fun for the kids of any age. They love to watch them and play with them.  Here is my cute little friend...the tortoise ..My grand ma bring me the little turtle...i would love to learn more about my little friend in future..Some times i lose it under the table, under the chair,behind the flower pots, then i search for my little friend and pick it up in my hands..


  1. Fantastic photos of Hamza, the photos are very beautifuly and perfectly organized and explained his actions in words. Thanks for putting in your blog.

  2. Too cute sounds just like my two year old.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Kiran. He's a cute guy. I have a two-year-old granddaughter. I'm sure they'd have fun playing together.

    1. Thanks Michael. Sure and if your grand daughter is blond, he will leave all other kids and will make her friend :) he love blond hair.

  4. Nice pictorial presentation of a child’s fun-filled routine activities. No worries! Only eat, play and nap.


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