DHARMARAJIKA stupa near Taxila Museum

One of my memorable visit to Dharmarajika,  an archeological site situated about 2km from Taxila Museum. Its approximately 70 km away from Mardan city through M2 motorway. It is considered to be one of the best and the major tourist destination in Indian Subcontinent to travel and explore this archeological site.
The stupa is situated in a circular structure and is about 15 meter high, raised on a plate form. It is said to be built by Emperor Ashoka after his conversion to Buddhism.
The passage to the ruins at hillock from the main road is very fine and lush green with lots of trees and there seems to be a small stream from the old times of Ashoka, used to for water supply to the resident of the shrine and monastic area.

The main Stupa at Dharmarajika relics

I found it very fascinating to walk around these relics such a soothing and calmness away from the hustle bustle of polluted cities. Its worth visiting especially in winters from Nov to Feb. I wanted to stay there as long as possible for me. 


  1. I really would love to walk there with you !
    what a wonderful post again Kiran !
    thank you

    1. Thanks Kris. My pleasure and i would love to have you :)

  2. Now that is something to see ..!

  3. Very attractive place for people having interest in archeological sites. I also love to visit such places where the atmosphere is cool and calm and one can experience peace of mind. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice pictures and Very peaceful place, Buddha statue is missing.


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