Thai airways and suvarnabhumi airport bangkok

Every body loves the joys of travel photography, however it's bit difficult to take photogrpahs at airports and from the planes. But it's fun and I got a chance with suvarnabhumi airport bangkok, and Changi airport Singapore. I liked Singapore's Changi airport bcoz it's the beautiful one more or less looks like a botanical garden.
I also find that Thai airways got best economy class award. While travelling in south east asia, thai airways is suppose to be the best economy airline. I would personally admire their service too as based on my experience in their flight. Their service is elegant and perfect. Meal, beverage, in flight entertainment and pretty cabin crew dressed in lovely color uniforms bcoz i love those purple peach and blue tones.. Probably the most colorful flight and colorfully dressed air hostess. In four hours flight from Lahore to Bangkok, they serves one meal and 7 beverage services. The only problem is i personally don't like in flight meals unsure emoticon . Only water and juices.
But it definitely make me remember the Fly Dubai flight, that is quite inhospitable bcoz in two hour flight to Dubai they even sell water in flight.. Quite embarrassing for them!!

Meal served in flight from Lahore to Bangkok ( Suvarnabhumi airport) 

Meal served during the flight from Bangkok to Singapore

Soaring through the sky

Soar through the clouds

Flying through the clouds


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