Nature and the architecture in one place.....PirSohawa near Islamabad

No doubt we all love Nature and appreciate its beauty either in one way or in another way, the soothing spirit of Nature that seems to bring a comfort to body and mind. This can be the most sober type of pleasure that many of us can get from the beautiful sights of mother nature.

But what seems much enjoyable and pleasing is that if you may found a comfortable stay during your journey. Nature itself a greater source of recreation but in our materliastic lives we people used to have a pampered life style where we need our mobile phones, our internet, a comfortable environment and we prefer to be seated in a comfortable chair rather than on a rock and to view the nature. we prefer to enjoy the beauties of nature along with our comfort level.

Here mostly the beautiful natural places lack basic facilities. At one place if you have natural surroundings then on another side would be lacking the comfort level.

 In Pakistan there are many worth watching places with serenity such as our Northern Areas. God have gifted Pakistan with such a beautiful and lovely sceneries that are no less than any other part of the world but just because of lack of proper facilitation very few people have a courage to travel along these exciting sites as much guts need to reach such places. Lack of proper roads and other facilitations only adventurous type of people may reach there while the rest of families cant afford to travel there.

PirSohawa is a place where i found both the beauty of nature as well the facilitations. The well carpeted roads, the best resturants and the beautiful sights of nature. I must say thats all beacuse its near Capital Islamabad. I wish our tourism department pay attention to other parts of country too.

Construction of fine roads and good facilitations may leads to lots of visitors in Chitral, Skardu, Gilgit, Hunza and other such northern areas. As Karakoram High Way leads to Khunjarb Pass(Pak-China Border) via Hunza, Gilgit have solved this problem to much extent but still our northern areas not developing much. This is a fact that many of us and even foreigners love to travel these areas for adventure and they dont really want as such facilities. They are happy to eat a few beans and biscuit and to put sun block on their face and getting refresh to move ahead :)  Such travellers love the adventures and i must say thats the true spirit of travelling and they also enjoy the hard ships during their travel :)

In the following is given few views from the PirSohawa situated near Capital Islamabad, Offering nature with pampering.

For some more views of PirSohawa just click the link below:


  1. Natural beauty plus excellent development work has transformed this place into a perfect tourist destination. I will definitely visit this place once I get a chance to visit Islamabad.


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