Pir Sohawa...named after a pir (Spirtual Man)

Pir Sohawa is famous after a name of a pir (a Spiritual man) who used to meditate at the top of the hill in old times. One can still visit the place where the spiritual man used to spend his time in meditation according to the local people, there is a huge and old tree where people from different places came and tied different colours of kerchiefs in the hope that one day there dreams would comes out true. This place is situated exactly on the top of hill where Margalla Hills finish and CDA (Capital Development Authority)  jurisdication end and District Hazara jurisdiction start. Its a sort of local border between Islamabad and District Hazara. A small police station is set up near the Pir shohawa tree indicating the border line between Islamabad and Haripur. It is the place where people have tied many kerchiefs on the tree. The spiritual man was supposed to be sit under that tree.

A mini resturant (Dhabba) at pir Sohawa


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