PirSohawa....A Unique Combination of Rural and Urban life near Capital Islamabad, Pakistan

PirSohawa becomes one of my favorite destinations, its located in Margalla Hills near Islamabad and approximately on 35 min drive from Capital. It is situated after Daman e Koh toursit Spot at elevation of 5000ft.

A beautiful view of Islamabad from Pir SOhawa

Its very popular for its breath taking sceneries. In mosoon season the valley of PirSohawa and the hills around turns green. PirSohawa is a unique combination of rural and urban life. I found here the soothing spirit of Thandyani, the Delightful views of Nathiagali and the lush greenery of Hazara valley all together at one place.
The reason might be based on its location, because its half situated in Capital Islamabad and half in the valley of District Hazara.

PirSohawa is basically a village famous after the name of a Pir who used to be stay on the top of the hill for meditation purpose. I would discuss that in another post........

PirSohawa have a rural background. Local people living here in typical rural environment. One can see the mud houses scattered in the far valleys of the Margalla Hills. There was the local transport for these Village people but i found these people waiting for long time to catch their transport including taxis, Vans etc

There were originally a small "DHABA", where used to made Tikkas, the BARBACUE stuff in PirSohawa and the locals from Islamabad as well as the visitors from other cities used to visit here especially to enjoy the barbacue. But now a chain of resturants have taken its place instead.

The three resturants are interconnected and offering very nice facilities to the visitors. The ambience at these hotels were giving a totally opposite aura to the whole area. As one side if you turn you may watch the beauty of rural life while on the other side when you turn around you would found yourself in the spacious terraces of these hotels, giving breath taking views, from where you may have a delightful views of the Islamabad City from such a height on the Margalla Hills.

An over view


 The place is a uinque amalgamation of rural and urban settings. These resturants are closely located to Monal Village. One can found here a very nice fusion of nature and architecture here.
 One of the resturant is named after "Monal Village" . But still i wonder why the place is always referred as PirSohawa hmmm!!?

I visit PirSohawa on a bright clear day so the scenery was looking stunning beautiful. Many people do enjoy here the nights and evenings as the sunset probably appeals them more and the lights of Capital Islamabad looks like twinkling stars from this height at Margalla Hills. Some of the people do visit here primarily to enjoy the beauty of nature while some do visit here to have the food. As these resturants offers nice barbacue which most of the people do enjoy.
During summers the area offers a very pleasant environment. The terraces were equipped with comfortable seatings, having umbrellas at each so if required then might be use.

Its a cool and peaceful place and the good point is that the road that leads to PirSohawa is very safe and the credit goes to CDA, who have constructed a long, winding road that leads to MonalVillage and then up to PirSohawa. The road is perfectly safe and well lit in nights and one can easily drive on that in nights too. Though some where the road is very steep, with a very sharp slops that remind me the roads of Thandyani. Thandayni road have same steeps,though its not well lit like PirSohawa but still its too well carpeted road which offers beautiful sights and forms of nature. My return journey was equally exciting while descending to Islamabad.


  1. these are beautiful Kiran. I'm planning on travelling in pakistan for at least 3 months later this year iA

  2. This area has been well-developed into a perfect tourist destination. The hotels and restaurants are wonderfully matching the beauty of the area. This place is no less than the tourist spots in Switzerland or France.
    But I think the development work is enough and it should not be expanded any further, otherwise the area will lose its natural beauty. Your photography is perfect as usual.

  3. @ Sy: You are more than a Welcome. You must avail this opportunity and must visit this place. Iam sure you would Enjoy!

    @ Farman: Thanks for appreciating my photos. Yea you are right, the more construction would lead to congestion. In Murree coz of over construction leads to same problems and thus ruin the beauty of nature.

  4. Pir Sohaha is a wonderful place kha. I did not know about it. I travel around the world but could not go to Pir Sohaha, very sad. beautiful photography kha.

  5. No worries, now you can visit here!


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