Artisan shop in Lok Virsa ( Heritage Museum)

Heritage Museum is a worth visiting place though pictures are strictly forbidden inside the museum. Outside the museum with in its boundary wall there are few stalls and shops of craftsmen. These shops have a very selected traditional stuff on the display though the prices are same as that in other open markets.

chairs made of dry straws
The chairs made of straws are usually used in rural areas in homes especially on panjab side of Pakistan. This is the traditional style of Panjab. The small stools that have kept over there on the chairs comes with a variety of colours and size. Mostly they are placed in the local rural kitchens and they are use to sit while cooking on the stoves. Kidz love to have a personalized small stool in their homes. It is observed that the sibblings try to keep a seperate stool for themselves especially in rural areas and some times in urban areas too.
platters for the local bread
 These types of colourful platters are used quite often for keeping the local bread. I must say on the daily basis the bread" roti" is served in these type of platters in our homes. thats looks so tempting....
The artisan shop looked quite older.Some of the stuff was looking many decades older. The weaver machine was placed in fron tof the shop, probably used once a upon a time for weaving threads or cotton clothes.

hand made small purses

These purses can be used as the clutches for keeping small things like credit cards, cash, visiting cards etc etc and quite suitable for keeping small things not to be lost in large handbags.Quite traditional and colorful.

A view of different stalls inside the heritage museum boundaries


  1. nice photos, the camels sitting outside Heritage Museum are made of what? and why photography was forbidden inside the museum? why why why?


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