Some paintings from the Lok Virsa(Heritage Museum)

An old bazar of Peshawar city

A fine collection

A depiction of Mughual Kings

Process of Gur making where the sugar cane is being crushing for obtaining juice.

Gur Making process is shown in this painting in some rural setting in Panjab Pakistan

Collection of some beautiful paintings from Lok Virsa Islamabad. Each painting depicts the traditional rural life of Pakistani society.


  1. Great shots, I love the paintings depicting the life of everyday people. Your photos are amazing !!!!!

  2. WAO what a painting der ala, if we could go in the past. like in these paintings, I be the first.....

  3. hmmm!!! thanks Elettra and countryjet
    @ countryjet: The Museum inside is nothing more than a wonder. I have really liked that. Its depicting the every day life from every walk of pakistani life, whether its chitral, hunza, gulgit, tribal areas, sindh, baluchistan, KPK, and panjab etc. It looks like we entered in some new world with in real people around us. Its a must visit place.

  4. these are beautiful Kiran, hope you got my email x

  5. Thanks Sy. I hope you too got my reply email.


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