A Well reminding the glory of Mughual Empires situated in Wah Cant...

Wah cantt has a historical background. It has remained one of the favorite place of Mughual Emperors. Gardens from the mughual era has always remained one of the attractions in this area. The area is green and beautiful with small hills around. Wah cantt is located in the north west of Islamabad.

Construction of the Wells is one of the interesting feature of these Mughual Emperors. Rather i must say Wells were the basic need in those times because they were used to obtained fresh water for the  drinking and other consumption.The region has much natural greenery and water in the past so these Mughual Emperors took great benifit from it during their stays here and then travel ahead to their destinations.
It is said that when Mughual Emperor Jhangir visit this area , inspiring by the beauty and greenry of the location,and the natural springs here he loudly said "WAH" so after that it was called as Wah.

One such garden with lots of greenery and water pond i have already discussed in my blog. The link is below:

Though it is a fact that this region couldnt mentain the same untouched natural beauty. With the growth of population and construction along road sides have spoiled much of its natural beauty but still it has left some beauty that we all must maintain for the future generations.

Now here iam sharing about one such Well digged by the Mughual Emperor during their visit to this region. Its still present in the SHER SHAH PARK, WAH CANTT, with its Mughual glory. Sher Shah Park is located near Aslam Market in Wah cant, perhaps one of the oldest one, where it is said that Sher Sha horses used to drink water. Since a long time this well has been used by the passengers in the olden times to stay around. The soil of this region is very fertile because of much water available here. It is developed later much with the establishment of Wah Ordinace Factory after the independence of Pakistan and now becomes the second best city after Islamabad which have a high literacy rate and nice living standards because almost 90% living here are the employee of Wah Ordinace Factory. Retired people too have their private houses inside and outside the Wah Jurisdiction.

Even in the later times, after the creation of Pakistan when the region was declared as Wah Cantt Officially by Govt. of Pakistan in 1951, the word Cantt was added to it. It was the time when Pakistan Ordinance Factory was established here, the only ammuniation factory which in the form of a complex. Its one branch is established later on in Hawalian that is situated in HAZARA DIVISION, about an half hour drive from the beautiful city of Abbotabad.
This Well is unique in a sense that proper stairs have been constructed to get down in to this well. In earlier times passengers and the travellors plus almost all the visitors to the park could get down in the well. Especially in summers the visitors used to enjoy under the well the distinct atmosphere but now because of some reasons the main door to the well is kept locked and non of the visitors are allowed inside. And big net made of steel is placed over the well. It felt so scary to see down in to the well from such a height, but i felt so sorry for the the way the tourists misused the well by throwing the plastic bags, empty cans and juice empty boxes and other such junk inside the well. I was no more looking a fresh water well rather it was looking like a drain with still water. Perhaps thats the reason the administration might closed the main gate of the well for general public. Following are the few pictures i have taken of the well, though i have tried to get a close up but in the evening light i couldnt capture much inside the well. Still one may have a clear idea about the construction style , the down starirs and the exact location of the round well from where one can get water from these pictures.
The traveller and visitors used to get down through these stairs.

view of the down stairs towards well

round portion of the well, covered with a huge net made of iron

main entrance

The Oldest tree in the park.
the oldest tree


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