Formidable Fort of Afghan Warrior Sher Shah Suri known as ROHTAS FORT....

Sher shah suri or the "The Lion King" was a capable Pashtun military leader. Though he ruled for short period (1540-1545)  just about five years yet he made many improvements to the exisiting setup of those days plus made different reforms to the administrative setup especially revenue administration. He built roads along with side areas for the rest, where travellers could stay and rest. He dug wells at different places known as "Baolis" . One such well which is named as " Losar Baoli" situated in Wah Cantt, i have earlier mentioned in my blog. for pictures and details click here:

 Here in Rohtas also present such three wells.

stairs leading down in the well
EmperorSher Shah also built the longest highway in south asia. Infact the Grand Trunk Road that leads to Rohtas now adays from Islamabad-Lahore was originally structured by Sher Shah Suri.

Rohtas fort is a beautiful historical architectural monument that is a worth visiting site. Its near a small town of Dina in Jhelum district of Panjab Pakistan. Rohtas fort could hold almost 30,000 military men. A nice panoromic view can be seen from the Rohtas fort. There are certain execution points where prisoners used to be executed in the past. Small hole in the center of the big stone have been made which was used for hanging the prisoners. Thats horrible ! That place have remind me about my visit to Baldit Fort in karim abad Hunza. It looked same horrible. The only difference is that in Rohtas Fort the execution place is build in open air while Baldit Fort torture cells were in basement. Some thing like underground jails for the prisoners. Perhaps they looks more terrible and suffocating. In Baldit fort steel grills have been placed as a roof, from where the king (Raja) used to visit the prisoners.

view from the terrace
In the back ground of the fort one can view a splendid view of surrounding for miles around.
For pictures of Haveli Maan Singh and Rani Mahal click the following link :

For general pictures of Rohtas Fort click the link here:

A small river flowing near the fort can be seen from the terrace of the fort
I have also heard some interesting historical and mysterious details about the fort but i would not mention all because they doesnt look from some authentic source. But one i will like to mention here thats about big lizards. I have heard and read that some times large lizards can be seen crawling on the surface of the fort. Unfortunately or i must say fortunately i couldnt see any such big lizards, infact i wouldnt have preferred to get encounter with such a horrible creature, instead i saw this tiny mini lizard so i capture it.


  1. An amazing site to visit! The fort’s surrounding area is also presenting a lush green look. Sher Shah Suri was no doubt a great warrior. The lonely lizard is taking sun bath. In fact lizards like to take sun bath the whole day. I have also seen bigger lizards in Chitral but small lizards are very common there. Unfortunately I have killed many lizards with sling shot during my school days. Now I regret!

  2. You have proposed to the beautiful images!!!

  3. for you and your family a 2012 with lots of happiness! Greetings!

  4. Thanks for all the pictures and Information that you provided us with Kiran......Keep the good work up :)



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