Maan Singh Haveli and Rani Mahal in Rohtas fort...

There are no palaces in the Rohtas Fort except for the structure built by Raja Maan Singh called the Haveli of Maan Singh ( Maan Singh Palace). It is built on the highest point of the fortress. Its not the original part of the fortress.On the whole this fort is built in Afghan-Persian style but the balconies have Hindu architecture and same balconies can be seen in Haveli Maan Singh.

Haveli Maan Singh

back side of Haveli Maan Singh

Broken structure of Rani Mahal (Palace of Queen)

So far its unknown that whats exactly the cause of destruction of these buildings. Though its not the result of natural calamities , however archeological investigations have begun now to reveal the facts.


  1. This place looks deserted yet very attractive to visit. I think this is a perfect location for recording historical and war movies.

  2. yea absolutely. I found it can be nice location for fashion photography too as the walls of the fort have certain engraved designs and also the terraces and balconies can be suitable for some historical as well as modern photo shoot.


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