My visit to Mangla Dam and reservior, located in Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

I heard much about the beautiful views of Mangla Dam but i never visited before. Its located in Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir in Pakistani administered Kashmir valley. Last few years visitors were not allowed to the Dam and reservior because of security reasons, but now its open for the visitors yet under a strict security you have to pass from cantt area to enter to the Dam and reservior. It was bit sick to pass by all those security checks with scanners and the army men standing with weapons hmmm!!!. But they were doing their job.
Any how lets back towards the beuatiful Mangla reservior. This Dam is suppose to be the 6th largest Dam in the world.I wonder we have biggest Dams but still we dont have electricity. Its located on river Jhelum.
In scarce amount boating facility was present there for the visitors. People were enjoying boating and those who feel scare about water and boating thought it better to stay away and just capture the photos :-)

I dont know what exactly that small cottage in the centre of water. But it seems to be a small hut for temporary stay like a mini island probably.

Far away on the top is the road leading towards Dam over River

I found Mangla Dam and reservior quite a nice place for the local people to visit in evenings as well on weekends to stay around and have some refreshing feelings.


  1. Beautiful pics kiran. We drove from Rawalpindi to Mir Pur (about 4 years ago) just to see the Mangla Dam but the security didn't let us through. Apparantly you needed to get a permit in advance back then! It was such a disappointment. Nice to see it finally through your pictures xxx


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