Day 2: Handicrafts Exhibition in Mardan KPK, Pakistan (12,13, 14th Oct, 2012), Stall from Chitral

Day 2 coverage
Second day of the exhibition went quite well, with lots of visitors especially in evening. Puppet shows was arranged for kidz too. Today i will share about the stalls of Mardan local embroidery, Chitral Stall and Pottery making stall. Pottery is in itself an art and require great practice.Pottery making especially will make you feel much nearer to nature and earth.

 What attracts me the most was a stall from Chitral. Though traditions are the cultural heritage of any nation and chitral have its own unique and beautiful culture . Beautiful sights and majestic mountains of chitral adds beauty to Pakistan but what iam gonna talk about here are the traditional waist coat with beautiful chitrali embroidery. It caught my attention instantly when ever i found them around. Their dresses and especially the half white waist coat with chitrali topi (Cap) looks so gorgeous. I buy one such for my nephew earlier.

Chitral Stall

Waist coat with Traditional  chitrali embroidery 

Chitral Caps

Traditional Cap with sea shells embed

My dear nephew


  1. all these works are magnificent!!

  2. Nice to see Chitrali wool making it to the markets of Mardan. The finest quality of this wool is produced in my village Mogh, which is in high demand throughout Chitral. SHUBINAK and Mogh Ltd. have played a key role in promoting the wool by giving it a modern touch and launching different high quality products.
    The little guy in Chitrali topi and waist coat is looking very smart.

  3. Mashallah such a nice coverage my wife was saying u cannot get info on Festival on net i said mardan is now advanced and then i just got your blog thanx alot. Going to visit now

  4. very nice handicrafts, pictures are taken in right angle, I like it, well done.

  5. Wel done I wana buy some stuf any one can guide me where nd how can I reach to buy .kiran plz help me to reach there to buy .

    1. hi there, thanks for liking. Usually such traditional stuff you may get in exhibitions.

      If i am not mistaken you are in Al Ain Abu Dhabi,So this stuff might be available in UAE too at any afghani or Pashtun outlets.

      I am not sure about if there are any online purchasing too....

      Otherwise you have to come KPK to purchase directly.You get Chitrali stuff and afghani frocks in Peshawar.

    2. assalmaoalaikom! i m Architect and working with a design consultancy in peshawar. Know i am working on bacha khan and abdul wali khan flyovers mardan beautification, for that i need some photographs of culture, heritage, handicrafts, crops, food and architecture of mardan. i think you are from mardan and a tourist so you can help me. please reply me here or on my id

    3. Hi Muneeb, You may get any photograph from my blog whatever suits you and according to your requirement.


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