Day 3: Handicrafts Exhibition in Mardan KPK, Pakistan (12,13, 14th Oct, 2012), Hazara handicrafts

Today i gonna share about the bed sheets, kashmiri shawls, embrioderary etc, all this work shows neatness, that make it attractive.These handicrafts can contribute a lots towards GDP. These handicrafts requires a lot of manual work and efforts that can be significantly shown in these cultural products. KPK, the north west of Pakistan like other provinces is rich in arts and crafts and have its own style. These handicrafts products were put on the display by women in the exhibition who came from different areas of northwest including Rawalpindi.


  1. Really liked these elegant embroidery works, particularly the one with eagle design. I hope the hands behind these neatly designed products would get a considerable return for their hard work.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all these beautiful handcrafts. Love all the vivid colors and patterns they have, quite different clothing from what we wear here in Sweden.

    1. Thanks ropcorn for liking. Yea these are tribal traditional dresses, mostly people wear in north west of pakistan. This exhibition was held to promote these handicrafts, women made in their homes.

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