Handicrafts Exhibition in Mardan KPK, Pakistan (12,13, 14th Oct, 2012)

Day 1 coverage:
A three days handicrafts cultural exhibition is arranged in the Sport Complex, Mardan, near Sheikh Maltoon Town. This is the third time that provincial govt is arranging such type of cultural festivals here. Handicrafts of Pashtuns in KPK are no doubt becoming popular. Though they have a rich culture, having hardworking people but unfortunately the terrorism and extremists have done much damage to this beautiful culture. How ever the directorate of culture, provincial govt KPK have tried to give an opportunity to these local handicraft workers to exhibit their hand made items.

 Handicrafts requires a lot of manual work and efforts and the workers put lot of time and energy , that can be significantly shown in these cultural products. Here i am gonna coverage the first day activities.

During entire duration of festival the presence of police was made ensure. A constable is assigned to almost every stall to ensure safety. One thing i really appreciate about these festivals is that the entrance is only for females and families. No guys are allowed inside to spoil the aura by making non sense.

For Day 2 coverage click the link :

For Day 3 coverage click the link :

 I am sharing about some of the stalls about leather shoe typically known as "Peshawari Chapal" for men, very famous all over Pakistan.Here i found instead Chasaddha shoes for men ( a city in the north west of pakistan), Some of their design goes quite well with jeans but majority of its style suited only with traditional Shalwar ( trouser) and Qameez (Shirt) for men. 

Apart from that i found some beautifully engraved stone decoration pieces., and some other local decorative stuff made of dry straws. 


  1. Thanks for making us feel as if we visited it ourselves :)

  2. take a flights to peshawar and see the festival by your own.Because some time your eyes show you more than its visuals.

  3. Thank you for sharing these images of the craft fair. I'm getting to know Pakistan more through your blog posts.


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