Hanuman temple inside the Katas Raj and the Museum

Katas Raj Temple existed since the days of Mahabharta. One of my favorite place inside the temple was Hanuman mandir (Hanuman Temple). I personally like the place for its colorful hanuman photos on the walls inside the temple, though The deity of hanuman  have been removed from the area. The guide told us that after the demolition of Babri Mosque, the local people tried to destroy this temple. Sources said that the deity of hanuman was taken away from here to some museum in India and they are hopefully to be restored soon to its original place after the renovation work complete. Its very important if those deity are restored back then it may attract much more visitors.

Exterior of Hanuman temple

Interior of hanuman temple

Walls inside the hanuman temple with beautifully portrayal of hanuman and his wife pictures

Wall in front of hanuman temple

Now a days group of labors working here under supervision of Archaeological experts. A museum is also under construction,  where pre historic tools and weapons such as axes, knives, pottery etc that have been excavated in Katas Raj will be placed in this museum. The museum is under construction inside, which will be soon open for the visitors.

Museum is under construction in Katas Raj temple


  1. Beautiful art work. Good to know that work is underway to restore this historical place.

  2. I always find it so interesting to see ancient paintings on walls like these, in tempels or tombs. It gives such a close look into how life was before. Fascinating indeed.

    Thank you for sharing this.


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