Sat Ghara Temples situated in Katas Raj Complex of Temples...

One of the beautiful site i found at Katas Raj was the Seven Temples, situated on the top, fascinated me lots. The month of November, the soft sun and countryside in the back ground, Wow... quite relaxing and soothing to stay there and spent some time.

Derivation of the term "Sat Ghara"   "Sat" is an Urdu language word which mean "Seven" and "Ghar" is also an Urdu word means "Home"

Literally Sat Ghar mean "Seven Houses". They are situated on the top of the hillock in Katas Raj.

They can be approached through a series of stairs that are recently constructed. It is said that these Seven Temples have been identified by Alexander Cunningham. For the history and archaeology students nice place to research.

Renovation is quite visible...

Designs engraved inside one of the temple. It seems after renovation..

View from the Sath Ghar Temples. Far away the building of Youth Hostel is Visible. As the guide Told us that's the youth hostel. Interesting place to stay for those, who love to travel around and explore the country heritage.

An overview from Sath Ghar Temples. The Katas Raj . On the right side one may have quite clear view of the stairs leading towards the top of the hillock. In the center is laying Stupas from Buddhist era. The area is over all situated in the Salt Range area of Pakistan.


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