My visit to Kastas Raj Hindu Temple Complex

Katas Raj Temple Complex is a Hindu Temple, situated in Katas village, northern Panjab Pakistan. It is one of the most important Hindu Pilgrimage site in Pakistan, located in the famous Salt Range "Khewra" in Potohar.
The sacred Pond

I wanted to visit these temples earlier but because of time constraint i couldn't manage and could only access to Salt range "Khewra". Any how today i am going to share about these Wonderful Hindu Temple Complex, though renovation work is carrying on but the guide helped and took us to each and every corner by describing the historical back ground. I visited in early November,  though the greenery is lacking around as its the beginning of Winter Fall, yet i tried my best to capture some clear photographs.
On 4th of November 2012, many Hindu pilgrimage visited here, and their next visit on 15th of November. During these two days the tourists are not allowed to enter the temples.

Access to Katasraj Temples: Its very convenient to reach katas Raj temples. From my home town Mardan, i  just took M2 motoway,passing islamabad, entered through Kallar Kahar interchange, just followed the straight road towards Katas village near Choa Saidan Shah. From kallar kahar interchange, it took almost 30 min drive to reach there, the road is under construction and passed through a rural area. One may have a nice views of potohar rural life style. A couple of cement factories comes in the way.
From Mardan it took approximately two hours and 45 minutes drive to reach Katas by car.

 Legend behind the Katasraj Temple:  This Temple is a sacred Hindu place and is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva. The mention of Katas is found in Hindu religious book "Maha Bharta". One of the most interesting legend behind it is dated back to the times of Lord Shiva, when his beloved wife Satti died. It is supposed by the Hindus that Lord Shiva cried too much at the death of his wife that his tears created two holy ponds. One is located in Ajmer and another is Kataksha, known as Katas now a days. The word Katas literally mean "raining eyes" or "chain of tears" in Sansikrit. Hindus believes that taking bath in the pond on certain occasion causes forgiveness of sins.

For Sat Ghar Temples Click here
For Rama Chandra Temple Click here

For Hanuman temple Click here

Side view of the pool
An overview of Hindu temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, a group of total 7 ancient temples.

Map of Katas Raj Temples Complex

HanuMan Temple

Sath Garh Temples

Stairs Leading towards Sat Ghar Temples (Seven Houses) 


  1. I have seen this temple on the internet and it would be a dream come true for me to visit this temple. Its so beautiful place to visit.

    Is there a Hanuman deity in the hanuman mandir?
    What does Katasraj stand for? And how old is this temple? I would appreciate your answer

    1. Yes its really nice place to visit. Hanuman deity have been taken away from here for security concern as well renovation work is also under way, hopefully to be restored soon. For hanuman mandir just click my blog link :

      I have been told by the guide "Katas" is derived from "Kataksha" a Sansikrit word mean "raining eyes".

      On the sign board at Katas Raj temple, i found written that its dated back since (615-950 A.D) dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  2. A beautiful place to visit. i always want to vist this temple. I was wondering how old this temple is. ? Is it true that Yuddishtira had to answer the important philosophical questions by Yaksha when his brothers lay dead after drinking the water from this lake?

    1. possibility is there,... because these temple and pond situated in the Salt mine range, probably the water was salty enough. Secondly the water of pond is associated with Lord Shiva tears (also salty). Though nothing scientifically proved, these are legends. Now a days Hindu Pilgrimage visit here and also take bath in the pond for purification.

  3. Beautiful place to visit. The legend behind the two ponds is very interesting and quite possible. For example “a person who lives to be 78, would probably produce about 15,655 liters of Saliva, which would equal about the size of a medium-sized swimming pool!”….So Lord Shiva must have cried for years to produce two big ponds. :-)

  4. Very nice picture and information, this is our historical relics, Hindu religion is 5000 years old. But strange that Lord Shiva wife died, how can Lord Shiva wife die? I will ask from a hindu friend for further his comments. You took very beautiful pictures and with nice angle. Well done.

  5. such a beautiful place to visit and really a great blog which have lots of information about the Kastas Raj Hindu Temple...
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  6. Interesting information. Good to see this temples protected.


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