Batu cave kaula lampur. My travel to Malaysia. One of the spectacular destination in South east Asia.

Spooky caves in Kuala lumpur or i must say Batu caves (The week of Kaula lampur in Malaysia) , It's one of the Malaysia most distinctive geographical feature, this Batu caves is a limestone hills having three major caves and a no. of small one. All are having Hindu temples and hindu shrines, sacred place for Hindus in Malaysia.

 It's an iconic and popular tourist attraction.  It's main attraction is the large gold Hindu god at entrance. Besides the statue god there are 300 stairs up leads to the magnificent batu caves how ever i didn't climbed upstairs bcoz there were lots of aggressive monkeys around and i was scared to get inside. Most visitors say that this place has a special vibe. Though i was deeply impressed by the caves but i didn't tried inside these spooky caves... Instead i prefer to stay outside and just taken photographs and put henna on my hands. One of hindu girl there was making designs and tattoos on body.


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