National Orchid Garden Singapore. Fabulous, spectacular blossoms.

National Orchid garden in Singapore becomes one of my favorite place, located inside Botanical garden. It is just fabulous having spectacular blossoms. For every body who loves nature, or has keen interest in plants and gardens, this is a perfect place to be . Orchid is the national flower of Singapore. This garden is a pure delight for any photographer to take loads of flower pictures in the garden. 

 With in National Orchid garden there is located VIP orchid garden too, having orchids named after famous celebrities. Inside the green house it is shown thoroughly that how orchid are genetically altered and how unique orchids are created for VIP guests.

National Orchid Garden  is such a stunning orchid garden located with in Singapore botanic garden that I thoroughly enjoyed. Singapore is just like a garden city or a city in the garden . I am not sure but since I arrived here I am looking flowers and very well maintained gardens. Even at the airport known as "Changi airport" I saw a tiny mini beautiful botanical garden having different kinds of flowers very beautifully displayed.


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