Khanpur lake and dam is located in Khanpur town, somewhere between Taxila and Haripur and can be easily sighted along the roadside. One of my favorite spot since ages. Since childhood I used to come here at weekends and enjoyed the serenity and vastness of the lake. In 90's it was not commercialized but now the whole belt along the lake was taken by different resorts and providing some of the best water sports facilities to adrenaline junkie. There are multiple resorts but I visited Mabali. 

Mabali has very easy access especially if you coming from KPK or Islamabad. We used Hazara Expressway this time and exit from Haripur toll plaza, took right towards Khanpur. Last time I visited here from Taxila side. The link is here MABALI RESORT 

                              Here are some really interesting things to do in Khanpur and Taxila. 

                        THINGS TO DO IN KHANPUR AND TAXILA

(1) : Apart from famous Taxila Museum, this whole area in Taxila is of great archeological significance. There are multiple archeological sites I have visited earlier, including SIRKAP CITY , MOHRA MURADU , JULIAN , DHARMARAJIKA STUPA  etc. However the closest one near Mabali Resort is known as Bhamala Stupa. 

(2): This area is famous for garden of oranges in winter season. You can handpick juicy oranges from any garden and take some wonderful photographs. GARDEN OF ORANGES 

(3):  Taxila crafts are famous and you will find many shops along roadside towards Khanpur. Don't miss out these beautiful decoration stuff.  BEAUTIFUL HANDICRAFTS IN TAXILA .

Now I am going to share some of updated pictures of Mabali resort from my recent trip. 


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