Breath taking Patriata Chairlifts

Patriata's main tourist attraction is chairlift and cable car system. The climate is bit pleasant in summers.
Here chairlifts and cable cars are used for the transportation to the highest point. Total ride is about 7km long.
It is completed in two steps. In first step you would get chairlift ride and in second step would be cable car ride.I was a bright sunny day when i visited Patriata. The bountiful beauties of nature were giving a very pleasant feelings.

On ground level, between foothills, one can get return ticket for chairlift plus cable car, which nowadays is Rs.260/. Chairlift ride takes the visitors to the mid of the hill, where they are transferred to the cable cars, which took them to the patriata hill top.

During the ride one can get some of most magnificent and memorable natural views. Some of the most breath taking scenes can be viewed. There is a densely forested area. Monkeys and leopards are supposed to be there but unfortunately i have seen non of them.

In chairlift ride, one can see the roads below and the small villages and scattered houses in the valley. You may found many kidz playing on the edge of the hill from nearby villages , who would throw small packets of apricot to you all suddenly. Usually it is not possible to pay them in such hurry. But they would ask you to give them money in return.

In summers one can enjoy lush green sceneries of near and far hills. In winters all this are covered with snow.


  1. Some years ago a girl from Karachi fell from the Chairlift in Muree and died. I hope that was a rare incident.
    I would definitely enjoy the chairlift ride there. The area is eye-catching.

  2. Oh ! that's really sad. But i have noticed one thing that some visitors were very careless.Even there was a proper staff near the lifts and cable cars who was giving support during the first ride and were giving instruction for safety to every visitor.

  3. der ala, der ala, i like the pictures of patriyata very much,

  4. wonderful, saro kho pa tuti lasona igdali de laka da zanano pashant, cha da wala hain?

  5. Well, they were in a queue, probably thats why, pa tutu e lasona ikhedali di.......


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