Murree road views

A new road to Murree have been constructed , that is bit more smooth and comfortable. Its a motorway that would lead you straight to the Murree from where one can have further drive to Nathiagali, Bhourbon, patriata and other all galliat., scattered in the mountains.  A new motorway is under construction towards Muzzafarabad Azad Kashmir. That can provide certain more comfortable drive to the tourists that do want to visit the beautiful vallies of Kashmir and also to the residents of Muzafarabad.There is very gloomy side of these beautiful mountains. Some of them are near to decay coz of cutting trees. It looks very unpleasant.Govt of Pakistan have taken some steps to preserve the natural beauty of the Murree hills. But when there comes business then all other aspects of life are being ignored. What is Natural beauty......No one cares for that.....Why not one should make hotels without any proper planning and why not to make rush on such beautiful hills.....Well well this is very dark side....probably it have been discussed a lot of times by our Environmental departments but all in vain. People gives importance to business only. They have nothing to do with the preservation of natural beauties or natural greenery and plantation. In the materialism no one cares for the nature.


  1. I have never been to Muree and its surrounding areas but I know large number of tourists visit them due to their natural attraction. Good to know that development work is under way there but sad if that is happening at the cost of its natural beauty.
    Deforestation problem exists every where in Pakistan. Even in Chitral the timber mafia is out there against the forest depriving the valley of its natural beauty. On the government part no serious initiative has been taken so far for the preservation of forests. So lets hope for the better.
    You have given a new look to your blog. It looks very nice.

  2. Deforestation is one of the biggest issue in Pakistan. Forests are must for any country. It gives beauty and helps in a clean environment. But unfortunately our policy makers have others things to discuss.

    Yes u must visit to Murree and its surroundings. Though Chitral is too blessed with natural beauties. Yet Tourists passed by much trouble some times to reach there and get its loveliness. Construction of a smooth road towards it would be helpful to all those who want to visit those beauties.

  3. i saw your new wonderful look of blog, very nice looking kha, i like blue blue alot.


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