A Visit to Patriata renaming ( New Murree)

Partriata is a hill station in Northern Punjab , situated about 25km from Murree, Pakistan. Its also known as New Murree.

 Story behind the word " PATRIATA" : According to the locals there was an English tourist who came to see the natural beauties of this area, but he didn't knew the name of the place. In a way he met an old lady carrying a sack of flour on her head. He asked her what is the name of this place. An old lady was tired with the burden of sack, she ask him to help her by saying " PUTAR ATTA". ( "PUTAR" is a panjabi word which mean a son and "ATTA" is an urdu word which mean flour"

The man smile and said thank you. He took the name of the area as "PUTERATTA" Later on it becomes "PATRIATA".

Patriata now becomes one of the famous summer destination in Pakistan. It is famous not only for its natural scenery but basically it is famous for its chairlift and cable car system. For the first time cable cars are introduced in patriata Pakistan.And so far only in Patriata Cable cars system is available. While chairlifts can be seen in Murree, Auybia.
They have very good reputation.They are reputable for a secured and protected system in Pakistan. Tourists do come here and lot of families do visit it with their children s and infants.


  1. Thanks Kiran for sharing this interesting story behind the name of now PATRIATA. Such stories are also common in Chitral regarding the name of the valley and its smaller villages. But no one can confirm how authentic these stories are.
    Nice pictures.

  2. Thankyou kiran! Your photography is good. Im sure this helps to encourage more tourism in the blessed country Pakistan. Pakistan has beautiful places to visit indeed. We just need to tell it out to people.


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