Pakistan Monument, Lahore

Lahore is famous for many monumental structures and architectures from Mughul era. During my visit to Lahore i loved to visit some of the main and glorious heritage sites.
One of the famous one though its not belong from Mughual era yet its a monument represent Lahore Pakistan known as Pakistan Monument or Minar e Pakistan in Urdu.

History : Lahore was ruled by a coalition of three Sikh Chiefs namely, GUJJAR SINGH, LAHNA SINGH, and SOBHA SINGH from 1767-1798. Later on the area finally passed on the British Government from 1849-1947.

During British rule, Lahore city has much improved. Many roads, hospitals, schools, colleges were built during British rule.And independence when Pakistan is built, another famous monument in Lahore has been made that is known as Minar e Pakistan.


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