On to the Zoo !!!

Usually it is believed  that Zoo might be a great place for kids only to have fun and enjoy watching animals. But, i think this is totally wrong conception to consider like this. A zoo can be a great place of entertainment and education about wild species for kids as well as for elders. We  must work collectively for the preservation of the wild species or at least appreciate them. We must also get rid of  the wrong conception that a zoo can be great source of pleasure to kids only.

The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets, which it must turn over to next generation Increased and not Impaired , In value"  " Theodore Roosovelt"

As we can see that climate changes, forests getting disappeared, rivers dry up, floods washing out people and infrastructure, wild life is becoming extincts. So there comes a time that need more attention.

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do"    "Bruce Lee"

"Thank God men cannot fly and lay waste the sky as well as the earth"  "Henry David Thoreau"

 In following i am sharing some of the pictures from Lahore Zoo that i have visited recently. Lahore zoo is suppose to be one of the oldest zoo in Asia. It is established in 1872 from a small sanctuary of birds later on it has developed to full fledged zoo.

Hippopotumas is the oldest animal in this zoo. Its about 40 years old and brought to this zoo in 1974. Its name is RAJA.

The Lazy King ...LION

The Lazy Bear

I found Lahore Zoo very interesting. Construction work and different sort of extension work was undergoing. But i wonder one thing that some of animals were too lazy, almost sleeping like dead. I see the Lion in its cage totally dumb and unmoved. Same was the case with tiger and black bear. The monkey was also very lazy. The kids as well as the youngeters were trying to make them awake and get attentive but all in vain.

In comparision to Lahore Zoo.......

I remember the Kund park zoo , situated in KPK, the animals were very active. But unfortunately that zoo received a big jerk during the summer flood 2010 in KPK. The Zoo has now completely damaged because it was situated between river Indus and River Kabul. Unfortunately most of the animals have died. The management is trying its best to recover it. I hope it will re reconstructed soon with same hustle and bustle of people. Hopefully soon..


  1. i have seen the pictures of the zoo, very nice kha, da tiger pic dana wala blur shawa de? au da lazy monkey hum makh paka pat kara o, da wala?

  2. Great session! Feeling some how jealous, as I missed many of these animal.


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