Shalimar Garden Lahore.....

Shalimar garden is also been called as Mughul Garden. It is situated at 5km towards east of the old city near University of Engineering and technology Lahore. Its a very famous garden from Mughual era, that have been maintained, though not very well, yet it is in acceptable condition. To the art and history lovers this can be great place where one can idealizes all the Emperors, prince and princesses stories from mughul empires. Iam sure many of us have get through by some of these historical stories linked to Shah Jahan and his son Aurangzeb alimgir.

This beautiful garden has been originally constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan. In old historical stories we get the traces of this garden being very famous for Elephant competition. Emperor Shah jahan use to enjoy the competition among royal Elephants in this garden. Mughul Emperors were fond of Elephants ride.

It is built in 16 th century but still its reflect the glory of the past. A huge wall is surrounded by the Garden. Royal gardens were always in close boundary walls so that they can be used exclusively by emperors and their families.

The garden has some gracious fountains. There are terraces or you may called them probably balconies in the Baradaris. The garden is divided into different zone. When you enters then it leads you towards downward through stairs to get into its lawns. It was suppposed to be the garden where Mughul Emperors had celebrated different sort of Royal functions. Classical musical programs in old times.

It looks very beautiful especially when all the fountains are opened. Fountains were supposed to be of greater charms for the Mughul families.


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