A visit to Wagha Border Lahore !!!

Lahore visit is incomplete until you dont visit Wagha border. Flag ceremony and a parade on the wagha border is of great interest for many of visitors. A huge rivalry can be seen at wagha border from both Pakistan and Indian side. They show very energetic expression. Some times it feels like they may start fighting.

 I have read in a newspaper column a couple of months ago that Rivalry expression on the wagha border would be finish now. It was suppose to be that the army from both sides would face each other with a SMILE and not with RIVALRY or FIGHTING sort of expressions. But still whatever i have seen was almost same that is of full energy which can be mistakenly as FIGHTING or HATRED for each other.

Yet one thing is clear, that a lot of spectators from both sides visit to attend this ceremony on daily basis. This Parade is arranged on daily basis about an hour or so before the sunset. Lot of people comes here to join it from different parts of the pakistan and also the foreigners do attend it with same interest.
In evenings the visitors start coming.  The ceremony start with a recitation from the Holy Quran. Then a parade start and finally the flags are lower down and then folded by the respective army men and taken with them in every evening. It is the main ceremony during which all the function is arranged for the flag lowering at the end of the day before the sunset.

It is said that Lahore visit is incomplete until your visit to wagha border.  The army men from both the sides are full of eneregy for their respective nations. Loud music on both the sides are played, national songs and anthems are being played and the spectators do lot of active participation by increasing the spirit of its respective army men.

I wish this type of spirit boasting should not only happen only on borders but in each and every fields of our lives we must collectively work to boast our individual as well as collective spirits so that our nation can see the success in reality.


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