Go green.....Plants nursery for the plants enthusiast.

Recently i visited a local nursery of plants. Here i found many plants on the display. The lush greenery always inspired me. Plants from this nursery can be used by public as well as for business, but it has no links with agriculture department. Mostly they are used on domestic level. As these nurseries are often in much demands especially in spring seasons, but not necessarily their business on its peak in spring seasons. Plants lover can get plants from here in almost every season regardless from the special flowery season of the spring. Here are available different plants both seasonal and permanant and one can access these nurseries at any time of the year to get plants of any kind both indoors and out door as well spring, summer, winter and fall.

Usually nurseries grows plants in a green house. Its a building of plastic green sheets, which are designed to protect young plants from harsh weathers especially from frost and extreme sunlight.


  1. Green Houses are fast gaining popularity in Pakistan. Too much greenery is very good but too many Green Houses are not good. According to scientists, Green Houses have some negative effects like it increases global warming. In my opinion Green Houses should be restricted to cities where people have no lands to grow plants or the areas where there are less trees and plants.

  2. yea i think this is probably a thin green colour net plastic sheet over there. I dont think its that particular glass or plastic roof that are used for greenhouse.


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