Takht e Babri ....Throne of great Mughual Emperor Babar

Pakistan has many magnificient monuments from the Mughual Emperors. While travelling from the India on different military compaigns they used to stay at different places here. One such 'STONE MADE THRONE' has been made by Mughual Emperor Babar. It is situated in the east of Islamabd.

In the east of Islamabad lies some of the beautiful tourist spots. Access to these spots have now become very easy with the construction of Islamabad Lahore Motorway. Located in the Chakwal Panjab District
these tourist destination included Kallar Kahar lake, Khewra Salt Range and Takht e Babri.

It is said that the great Mughual Emperor Babar in India while passing by this place stayed here and liked the beauty of this place in 1519 AD. He also ordered a construction of a garden here that still exist here which is named as Bagh e Safa or The Mughual Garden. I have already mention about that Garden in my earlier posts.

Here is a stone made throne. Its is made by engraving a structure of a throne on the big rock which included a few stairs and a flat platform on which Emperor Babar used to stand and give instruction to his army men.
It is also said that Emperor Babar used to spend a lot of time at this spot doing meditation.

Emperor Babar was much inspired by the natural beauty of this place that he has described this place as 'A charming place with a natural beauty'.

takht e babri

takht e babri made of engraved huge stone
Historical background of the Throne of Emperor Babar

Hill behind the Emperor Throne

An overview from the Emperor Throne

An overview from the Emperor Throne, the lake is visible from here.

Flowers near the throne


  1. der khashta photogan de, me i read that Takht Babari Stone, historial place, Babar Bacha photo darsara shta?

  2. It is a beautiful and peaceful area. Emperor Babar rightly chose it for outing and meditation purposes. We must be thankful to him for building this area and making it the part of our history. Babar's Takht is very cool.

  3. at countryjet.ao babar bacha photo ma sara shat. I think i should make a painting showing Emperor Babar over the above throne :)

    Thanks farman.


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