souveniors stuff from kallar kahar

Here are different kinds of traditional stuff. Decoration traditional Huqas looks very beautiful as different colours are used to enhance its beauty.
Its an ornamental piece usually made from white cement. Different colours of small mirrors have been used to give it a design that looks very traditional and mostly such kind of stuff is used on domestic level in rural areas both for decoration as well as daily use.
Small wooden chairs that are used for decoration but most probably they can be used for kidz too. Normally kidz love to have such stuff especially for young girls because they love to decorate their dolls home with such small colour ful stuff. Big size chairs also available in these designes. In rural areas these chairs are mostly used in homes in the drawing rooms but it looks very nice if urban people too use such traditional stuff for the decoration of their drawing rooms.

A big hand fan, probably it can be use just for the decoration as hanging on the wall, coz it would be quite huge to use with hand. Multi colour round ornamental pieces are used in this hand fan to enhance its beauty.
These hangings are mostly been used for trucks and buses in Pakistan.

This falcon is in real but it is chemically preserved.

Different kinds of hangings for the walls. These can be used for keeping the keys and other small stuff near the main door so that can be easily picked whenever leaving or returning the home.

Stools made of big straws have also been of great use in Pakistani rural areas. In each and every home in panjab you would find such kind of stools. Even in urban areas people love to keep such stools in bed rooms.


  1. lovely pictures, i miss pakistan

  2. Pakistani wooden and marble products are very popular around the world. Particularly Japanese are fond of these kinds of products just like Russians who visit Pakistan only to buy leather goods. I don’t know whether these souvenirs are expensive or cheap in Kallar Kahar because in Karachi they are quite expensive.
    I really liked the Jewellery boxes, hot pots, mugs and the hookahs as well. And the falcon has been preserved remarkably.

  3. very beautiful and traditional, the objects in the pictures!!


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