lake view hotels and amusement park near kallar kahar lake

Kallar Kahar is famous for its lake mostly. Like all other tourist spots here too some hotels and resturants are available plus here is a small amusement park too for the kidz. Though kallar kahar comes under jurisdiction of Panjab Govt. Pakistan So i was expecting lots of entertainment and amusements for the childrens here, but unfortunately a few swings were available there. 
But the lake view park was offering a very nice view . While roaming around in the park i found it very quiet especially that time of the day. As it was bit early and no rush was there. Probably tourist and visitors start coming in the evening times.


  1. This amusement park look like Ghost Town kha.

  2. I think this place is being maintained very well by the Punjab government because the area is neat and clean. Most of the government-run parks and other tourists’ spots in our country are in a pathetic condition with heaps of garbage every where and dried up grass.
    In the case of Kallar Kahar credit must goes to Punjab government or may be the manager of the park.


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